Texts, text centres, resources and programs on the Web

Corpora references from Utrecht University
CTI Textual Studies
CTI Textual Studies: Resources Guide 1994-96
Electronic Texts on the Web (CTI)
Obtaining Electronic Texts on the Web (CTI)
Corpus Linguistics (Barlow)
Concordances and Corpora Tutorial (Ball)
Tim Johns Data-driven Learning Page
British National Corpus
English Language Corpora and Resources (from BNC/Oxford)
ECI (Europeean Corpus Initiative)
Oxford Text Archive Home Page
Text Encoding Initiative Home Page
Electronic Text centres etc (from HUMBUL))
Online Newspapers (more than 2000!)
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
CETH Centre for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, Princeton/Rutgers
Humanities Text Initiative (Michigan)
ARTFL Project
The On-line Books Page
The English Server at CMU
Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Project Gutenberg Home Page
The Consortium for Lexical Research
Linguistics Resources (SIL)
Linguistic Data Consortium
Childes archive CMU
UCREL Home Page
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Toronto
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities (NCCH), Bergen
Language Technology Group Edinburgh
ELRA (European Language Resources Association)
MULTEXT Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora


Text-retrieval, concording, and analysis software (list from Toronto)
MicroConcord demo (DOS)
Conc: a concordance generator for the Macintosh
CRM: DR: Concorder - Demo (Mac)
MonoConc (Mac/Windows)
ParaConc (Mac/Windows)
Folio Infobase (Mac/Windows)
TACT - Text Analysis Computing Tools (DOS)
Textual Analysis Computing Tools (TACT)
TACTWeb Home Page (TACT via Internet)
Wordsmith Tools (Windows)
Lingua MultiLingual Parallel Concordancer for Windows
LT NSL Tools for SGML-based Corpus from LTG Edinburgh
IMS Corpus Toolbox Stuttgart
COSMAS IDS, Mannheim

Compiled by Knut Hofland, NCCH, Bergen