Supplement to ICAME Constitution:

Information on specific dates and post-holders

Last updated: 12 May 2012




Paragraph 2b

ICAME currently makes the English text corpora and associated tools available to researchers and institutions on the 2nd ICAME CD-ROM (1999) by means of a service provided by Knut Hofland at Uni Computing of Uni Research in Bergen ( Plans to link ICAME resources with the CLARIN projects in Norway (CLARINO) and possibly in other countries are underway.


Paragraph 2d

ICAME provides a forum for research and discussion on English corpus linguistics, by


·     sponsoring an annual conference, through the offices of the ICAME member who serves as host. As of 2008, conferences have taken place in Ascona, Switzerland (Andreas Jucker), Lancaster (2009; Sebastian Hoffmann et al.), Giessen (2010; Joybrato Mukherjee and Magnus Huber), and Oslo (2011; Hilde Hasselgård et al.). The venue for the conference in 2012 will be Leuven (Kristin Davidse et al.). The 2013 conference is scheduled to take place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (María José López-Couso et al.) and the 2014 conference in Nottingham (Michaela Mahlberg).


·     maintaining a journal currently named the ICAME Journal. The current editors are Merja Kytö and Anna-Brita Strenström, the review editor is Ilka Mindt, the production of camera-ready copy is carried out by Anne Lindebjerg (Bergen), and the printing and distribution manager is Paul Rayson (Lancaster). The publisher for the ICAME Journal 36 (2012) is UCREL (Lancaster).


·     maintaining an ICAME website, which task has been carried out by Knut Hofland. Plans to link the website with the CLARIN projects in Norway and possibly in other countries are underway.


·     maintaining the ICAME bibliography, which task was originally carried out by Bengt Altenberg, formerly of Lund University, and which inventory is now available in self-updatable form at:



Paragraph 3.2

The ICAME journal is an excellent publication, which needs a level of guaranteed readership in order to budget for production costs. The ICAME association does not have a subscription fee, but from May 2008, a fee of £20 was added to the conference registration fee. In return, each ICAMEr has been provided with a copy of the Journal. The fee of £20 was raised to £30 after the support received from the Uni Digital (previously Aksis Centre) was withdrawn.



Paragraph 3.4

Honorary life membership of ICAME

Honorary life membership shall be awarded on grounds of outstanding service to the field, outstanding scholarship and/or dedication to the creation of corpus material. Candidates have already retired or are close to their retirement. The following individuals or associations have been awarded life membership: Stig Johansson, Henry Kučera, Geoffrey Leech, Matti Rissanen, Jan Svartvik, Jan Aarts, Anna-Brita Stenström, and the Japan Association for English Corpus Studies (JAECS).



Paragraph 4.3

Board members

Board members shall represent a range of regions, specialisations and areas of expertise. After two consecutive terms of office, former Board members can be proposed for re-election after a lapse of four years.



Paragraph 4.4

Election of chairperson and secretary

The next date for election of ICAME Chairman is May 2014. The current Chair is eligible for re-election once. The current Secretary shall continue as Acting Secretary until a new Secretary has been elected according to the regulations of the Constitution.



Paragraph 4.12

Officers undertaking specific tasks and responsibilities
Current officers undertaking specific tasks and responsibilities on behalf of ICAME are as in Paragraph 2d above.



Paragraph 5

ICAME conferences: Guidelines

There should be no more than three parallel sessions at an ICAME conference. Enough time should be reserved for the poster session. The lecture rooms should be big enough and there should be enough hotel rooms to accommodate conference participants. Expenses should be kept down. The conference should fit the description of the original conference application presented to the ICAME Board. All abstracts should be peer-reviewed.



An addition to the ICAME Constitution:

ICAME Board bursaries

To honour the scholarly achievement of John Sinclair, it was agreed that a bursary will be awarded to an early career ICAMEr who delivers the best paper at each forthcoming conference (excluding workshop papers). Candidates must make clear to the Chair and Secretary that they wish to be considered, and the Board will undertake to have the paper audited appropriately. For the bursary, £2 will be collected from each ICAME conference participant as part of the conference fee.


To honour the outstanding contribution to the field of corpus linguistics of Stig Johansson, it was agreed that a bursary will be awarded to the author(s) of the best poster presentation at each forthcoming conference. The sum of €150 will be collected from the conference fees.


The bursaries shall be announced by the conference organisers.