ICAME Corpus Collection, version 2, 1999 CD-ROM


(To be signed by a responsible official of the institution making the order.)

A full working version of an old version ofWordSmith (version 3) (current version is 6) will be included (WILL NOT WORK ON 64 BIT Windows 7/8). Many of the texts will be indexed by WordCruncher (DOS,retrieval program included) and some by TACT (DOS) (TACT included). The DOS programs Lexa and Linguafont will also be included. Only electronic versions of the manuals are available (included on the disc). The DOS programs will not work on 64 bit Windows. The corpus texts can be used by any concordance program running on Windows, Mac or Linux.

We can only distribute the material to universities and other academic research institutions, as we are bound by the restrictions which were agreed upon with the copyright holders at the time of the compilation of the corpora.

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WordSmith, current version, visit Mike Scott Lexical Analysis Software Ltd.



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bank transfer to Den norske Bank ASA, 0021 Oslo, A/C for international payments: NO96 5202 0537 264. SWIFT code: DNBANOKK, please mark: "Stedkode 610400 ICAME"


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Use of the material

I understand that the ICAME corpora are made available solely for use in non-commercial research and that copies of the corpora, or extracts from the corpora, must not be distributed outside our institution without the written permission of ICAME. I undertake to ensure that all users of the disc are bona fide researchers accredited to


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and will use the material for nonprofitmaking research only.







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Tel.: +47 55 58 42 89. Fax: +47 55 58 42 95
E-mail: icame@uni.no

Please, keep ICAME informed of research completed or in progress on the material. If possible, send a copy of publications and research reports to the Centre in Bergen.