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 Early Modern English Tracts


The Lampeter Corpus of Early Modern English Tracts is a collection of texts on various subject matter published between 1640 and 1740 - a time that is marked by the rise of mass publication, the development of a public discourse in many areas of everyday life and, last but not least, the standardisation of British English.The World is Ruled and Governed by Opinion, 1641

The Lampeter Corpus has been compiled over the last four years at Chemnitz University's REAL Centre and is now available for scholarly research free of charge. For further information on the corpus, please navigate through our pages by clicking on the links in the left-hand frame or by using the 'forward' button below.

The Lampeter Project link tells you more about the history of the corpus. Corpus Setup explains briefly the structure, sampling criteria and encoding of the corpus. The links Religion, Politics, Economy, Science, Law and Miscellaneous give basic information on the corpus documents of the respective categories. Info-Page records every publication relating to the Lampeter Corpus and is intended as a page on which comments and observations by users of the corpus can be published. Since the corpus has been completed fairly recently, i.e. May 1998, this latter page is relatively empty at present but will hopefully not remain so. In addition, it will also accommodate a list of errata, and we sincerely hope that this part of the page does remain empty.

The REAL Centre link, finally, takes you back to the start page of the REAL Centre at Chemnitz University, the place where the corpus has been compiled over the last four years.

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