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Computers in English Linguistics

No. 20
April 1996

International Computer Archive of Modern English

Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities



Margareta Westergren Axelsson Contracted forms in newspaper language: Inter- and intra-textual variation 5
Pieter de Haan More on the language of dialogue in fiction
Gregory John Watson The Finnish-Australian English Corpus 41


Peter Collins Aarts, Bas and Charles F. Meyer (eds.)
The verb in contemporary English: Theory and description.
Anne Wichmann Geoffrey Leech, Greg Myers, and Jenny Thomas (eds.)
Spoken English on computer: Transcription, mark-up and application
John Hutchinson and Ruthanna Barnett Fred Karlsson, Atro Voutilainen, Juha Heikkilä, and Arto Anttila (eds.)
Constraint Grammar: A language independent system for parsing unrestricted text
Vera Kamphuis Dieter Mindt
An empirical grammar of the English verb: Modal verbs
Pieter de Haan Christine Johansson
The relativizers whose and of which in present day English: Description and theory
Pieter de Haan Christer Geisler
Relative infinitives in English

A Tribute to W. Nelson Francis and Henry Kucera

Charles Meyer Introduction 99
Stig Johansson From Brown to LOB 100
Jan Aarts Grammatical annotation 104
Gunnel Tottie Grammar and corpus linguistics 107
Matti Rissanen Historical corpora 112

Shorter notices

Karen Lauridsen The Sixteenth ICAME Conference in Toronto (24 - 29 May 1995) 115
Merja Kytö and Matti Rissan English historical corpora: Report on developments in 1994 - 95 117
Gisle Andersen and Anna-Brita Stenström COLT: a progress report 133

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