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Computers in English Linguistics

No. 18
April 1994

International Computer Archive of Modern English

Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities



Johan Elsness On the progression of the progressive in early Modern English 5
Janet Holmes Inferring language change from computer corpora: Some methodological problems 27
Nelleke Oostdijk and Pieter de Haan Clause patterns in Modern British English: A corpus-based (quantitative) study 41


Christian Mair Clive Souter and Eric Atwell (eds.)
Corpus-based computational linguistics
Nelleke Oostdijk Charles Meyer
Apposition in contemporary English
Jürgen Esser Jan Aarts, Pieter de Haan, and Nelleke Oostdijk (eds.)
English language corpora: Design, analysis and exploitation
Pieter de Haan Michael Hoey (ed.)
Data description, discourse. Papers on the English language in honour of John Sinclair
Pieter de Haan Mona Baker, Gill Francis and Elena Tognini-Bonelli (eds.)
Text and technology. In honour of John Sinclair
Gerry Knowles Jane A. Edwards and Martin D. Lampert (eds.)
Talking data: transcription and coding in discourse research

Shorter notices

Ossi Ihalainen in memoriam 113
Anne Wichmann Fourteenth ICAME Conference 115

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