International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English

ICAME is an international organization of linguists and information scientists working with English machine-readable texts. The aim of the organization is to collect and distribute information on English language material available for computer processing and on linguistic research completed or in progress on the material, to compile an archive of English text corpora in machine-readable form, and to make material available to research institutions.

ICAME constitution with supplement.

The archive mentioned in the name resides at Uni Research/University of Bergen, Norway. This acts as a distribution centre for computerized English-language corpora and corpus-related software.

ICAME publishes the ICAME Journal which appears at least once a year, with articles and information about English computer corpora. There is also an corpora mail list.

NEW: ICAME corpora available in CLARIN

Conferences, usually in May/June each year, have been arranged since 1979.

Upcomming ICAME conferences:

ICAME 2016, 37th ICAME conference: Hong Kong, 25-29 May, 2016
ICAME 2017, 38th ICAME conference: Prague (Czech Republic), 17-21 May, 2017

Previous conferences:

ICAME 2015, 36th ICAME conference: Trier (Germany), 27-31 May, 2015
ICAME 2014, 35th ICAME conference: Nottingham (UK), 30 April-5 May, 2014
ICAME 2013, 34th ICAME conference: Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 22-26 May, 2013
33rd ICAME conference, Leuven (Belgium), 30 May-3 June, 2012
32nd ICAME conference, Oslo (Norway), 1-5 June, 2011
31st ICAME Conference, Giessen (Germany), 26-30 May 2010
30th ICAME conference, Lancaster (UK), 27-31 May 2009
29th ICAME Conference, Ascona (Switzerland), 14-18 May 2008

Updated version of David Lee's List of ICAME Conferences and Proceedings

Corpus Resource Database (CoRD), Helsinki

Bengt Altenberg's ICAME bibliography (not updated any more): Part 2 ( -1989) TXT (59 KB)
Part 3 (1990-98) HTML (115 KB) RTF (145 KB) Word 6 DOC (127 KB)

ICAME's Executive Board: Gisle Andersen (Bergen), Beatrix Busse (Heidelberg), Kristin Davidse (Leuven), GaŰtanelle Gilquin (Louvain-la-Neuve), Hilde Hasselgård (Oslo), Magnus Huber (Giessen), Andrew Kehoe (birmingham), John M. Kirk (Belfast), MarÝa JosÚ Lˇpez-Couso (Santiago de Compostela), Michaela Mahlberg (Nottingham), Ilka Mindt (Paderborn), Joybrato Mukherjee, Chair (Giessen), Ute R÷mer (Atlanta), Nick Smith (Leicester), Irma Taavitsainen (Helsinki), and Sali Tagliamonte (Toronto)
Honorary members: Jan Aarts, the Japan Association for English Corpus Studies (JAECS), Matti Rissanen, Anna-Brita Stenstr÷m, and Jan Svartvik.
Technical Secretary: Knut Hofland (Bergen); Secretary: Merja Kyt÷ (Uppsala).

Knut Hofland
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