[Corpora-List] Morph-it! Italian lemma lexicon

From: Marco Baroni (baroni@sslmit.unibo.it)
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 16:03:05 MET

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    (Apologies for cross-posting)

    Dear all,

    We would like to announce the release of Morph-it!, a free (as in free
    speech and free beer) morphological resource for the Italian language.

    Morph-it! is a lexicon of inflected forms with their lemma and
    morphological features. For example:

    rimpinzeremmo rimpinzare VER:cond+pre+1+p
    abominevole abominevole ADJ:pos+m+s
    dabbenaggine dabbenaggine NOUN-F:s
    ostensibilmente ostensibilmente ADV

    As of version 0.11 the lexicon contains 568,771 entries and 28,500 lemmas.
    To download the resource and for more information, please visit:



    Marco Baroni and Eros Zanchetta

    Marco Baroni
    SSLMIT, University of Bologna

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