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From: Walker, Daniel (Daniel.Walker@bowneglobal.com)
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 03:35:35 MET

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    Last week I posted an inquiry about the availability of automatic
    phonetic transcription systems for English. Thanks to everyone who
    responded. Here's a brief summary.

    First off, there are many text to speech systems out there some of which
    may provide transcription indirectly. Also, lots of research has gone on
    in these area, but not all systems may be available online. The
    following are systems that I've been made aware of that provide text to
    phoneme transcription directly and are currently available for use.

    Antal van den Bosch informed me of TreeTalk, which does grapheme-phoneme
    conversion for English and Dutch. There's an online demo here:
    It is a decision-tree-based system and papers are referenced on the
    site. Further information is available here:
    It was built using TiMBL (http://ilk.uvt.nl/software.html) and is a part
    of NeXTeNS (http://nextens.uvt.nl/), a Dutch text to speech system.

    Kevin Lenzo at CMU has a rule-based, decision-tree system called t2p.
    I believe it is extendable to other languages, given a pronunciation
    dictionary. It's used by several full text to speech systems. It
    produces phonemes in the same encoding as the CMU Pronunciation
    Dictionary. Papers are referenced on the web site.

    The speech group at NIST has a website with several tools including one
    by William Fisher called addttp4. It uses a combination of statistics
    and rules.
    It's an English system and generates Pronlex entries in CMU format. The
    algorithm is described in:
    "A Statistical Text-to-Phone Function Using Ngrams and Rules", by
    William M. Fisher, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech,
    and Signal Processing 1999, pp. II-649-652.

    The comp.speech newsgroup FAQ mentions an English system based on the
    Naval Research Lab's set of text to phoneme rules and put together by
    John A. Wasser.
    The links on the FAQ aren't up to date. The system is now available
    The readme is dated 1985, and the files' modification dates are 1994,
    but it built OK with gcc 3.3. The phonetic codes it produces are
    documented in the source files. I couldn't find out much more
    information about this one.

    Here's a site that has a CGI transcription system. Additional
    information and links on the site.

    Also, of interest are dictionaries and wordlists that provide
    pronunciation guides. There are several dictionaries available on-line.
    However, CMU's Pronunciation Dictionary for English appears to be a
    good, machine-readable one. It's included with t2p, mentioned above.

    Thanks again for the help!
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